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Financial Platform

GDAC is a cryptocurrency trading platform equipped with high speed, liquidity, and friendly user interface for users to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Supports crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto trading. Pursues selective listings of crypto projects with high future potentials and provides users a convenient, user-friendly investing experience.

Payment Infra Support

Crypto-to-fiat payment infrastructure and settlement service. Provides B2B payment infra enabling users to shop on/offline using crypto.

Derivatives (GROW)

Makes new investment opportunities for users. Provides a unique, patent-based derivatives service, GROW, that returns maximized rewards earned from delegation to users.


The Future of Payments

PeerPay is a crypto-to-fiat payment infrastructure and settlement service that provides B2B payment infra enabling users to shop on/offline using crypto.

Automated Trading Desk

Deploys automated clearing support for cryptocurrencies to settle in fiat. Supports high volume and high frequency of cryptocurrencies settlements.

Corporate Client Onboarding Service

Peertec welcomes fiat dealing corporate clients using cryptocurrencies as payments or settlements.

Clearing/Settlement Algorithm

Algorithm designed for clearing and settlement of cryptocurrencies used as payment. Patent filed for an intricate algorithm to allow clearing and settlement without latency.

Arbitrage Rate API For Risk Averse Settlements

Designed to cope with high volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Mitigates risks embedded in price fluctuations of cryptos and seizes opportunities for arbitrage.

B2B Payment Infra

Expanding PeerPay's exposure to various fiat currencies through Peertec's global partnerships.


Validate the Finance

Hashtower is a blockchain custodian and validator service enhancing the value of the blockchain ecosystem for delegators via our stability and industry top security.

Blockchain Custodian & Validator

Ensures secured validation service based on our expertise and know-how accumulated through collaboration with various blockchain projects.

Competitive Fee Worldwide

Distributes the most competitive bonding reward in real-time profit, reaching up to 10% revenue per annum. Shares the reward received for network operation with GDAC users.

Global Market Positioning

Fosters a culture of excellence by providing reliable, exclusive value backed by our industry-leading developers and partner, GDAC exchange.


Blockchain Derivatives Studio

In-house blockchain lab creating patent-based derivatives technology. The first product GROW is the world’s first blockchain-based derivative service for tokenized asset management.

Delegate &
Get Rewards

GDAC users can still earn profit every day, a maximum of 10% per annum, by delegating their assets to GROW while enjoying secured asset management.

For Custody Based PoS market

Targets the PoS (Proof of Stake) market, one of the most widely-used consensus protocols in blockchain. With the upcoming integration of Ethereum to PoS blockchain, expects exponential growth of market share.

Industry’s First Blockchain Derivative Service (GROW)

Patent-based GROW secures liquidity to illiquid assets. Provides services including staked assets trading, quick asset un-bonding with enhanced security with the reserve system.

Adds liquidity to Illiquid Assets

Solves the problem of illiquid PoS blockchains leaving no room for users to respond to market fluctuations. Users can hedge against market fluctuation by instant undelegation or trading illiquid assets within the GROW platform.


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